Teaching English Abroad: World Comparison Chart


Teaching English Abroad: World Comparison Chart

Above is a pdf document with lots of useful information on an extensive number of countries.

It includes information such as:

  • Qualification Requirements
  • Typical Contract Length
  • Peak Hiring Seasons
  • Expected Down Times
  • Interview Procedures
  • Visa Info
  • Average Monthly Cost of Living in $ USD & Local Currency
  • Average Monthly Salary in $ USD & Local Currency

and more, as well as hyperlinks to more information about each country.

Source: International TEFL Academy website


Icebreaker lesson idea: “Be the Teacher”


This is a fun, dynamic, communicative and student-centered activity I usually do if the learners in the class know each other, but not me.

  1. Tell the learners that they are going to get the chance to get to know you, and that they will be able to ask you any questions they like – about anything! (They usually look really excited at this point!) Continue reading

Coming soon…

  • Choosing a TEFL qualification – where to start.
  • Top tips for CELTA / TESOL trainees.
  • Teaching multi-lingual classes – some practical advice
  • Teaching tricky grammar points – lesson planning ideas
  • Lesson planning – how much is too much?
  • Choosing the Cambridge DELTA


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The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

My teen-tutoring dos and don’ts

If, like me, you’ve spent most of your tutorhood teaching high school pupils, there were probably a few times you were faced with a blank stare, a look of despair, an icy air.

Just the other day, I was met with a garbled answer and a sweaty frown to a straightforward CCQ (concept checking question) whilst teaching modal verb usage in Afrikaans. Holy whippets! What went wrong?

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“You could of avoided all those mistakes”: why you should never stop learning English.

EdukationI was recently pondering – is it only foreign-language speakers who are interested in learning English and / or improving their language skills?

I have realised now that my question, really, is: Is it only foreign-language speakers who need to?

It’s becoming drastically obvious to me how many native speakers make errors, and to what degree the nature of these errors affects their ability to communicate meaning coherently.

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