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Lesson plan: Describing Places

Greenwich VillageIn this lesson, learners use a range of skills, focussed around the topic of describing an area within a town or city. All the materials and procedures are provided as attachments.

Level: Upper-Intermediate (B2) to Advanced (C1)

Time: 70 – 90 minutes

Topic: your favourite area in a town or city
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My teen-tutoring dos and don’ts

If, like me, you’ve spent most of your tutorhood teaching high school pupils, there were probably a few times you were faced with a blank stare, a look of despair, an icy air.

Just the other day, I was met with a garbled answer and a sweaty frown to a straightforward CCQ (concept checking question) whilst teaching modal verb usage in Afrikaans. Holy whippets! What went wrong?

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