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Song lesson idea: The Beatles “Revolution” and word-building

Good_Day_SunshineLevel: High Intermediate (CEFR B1+) – Upper-Intermediate (CEFR B2)

Time: +- 45 minutes

Revolution worksheet and teacher’s notes

(I first started using this song as an introduction to Part 3 of the Use of English paper when training students who were planning to take the Cambridge First Cetificate in English course.)

  1. Start by showing students pictures of various revolutions (French, Chinese etc.) Continue reading

To sing or not to sing?: Using songs in the English classroom


I have always found the subject of using songs in the classroom a controversial one. Many teachers I have worked with wouldn’t touch them. Others took their guitars into class with them on a regular basis.

Below is my take on the matter, with some lesson ideas and useful websites to inspire other teachers to at least give it a shot.

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