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MAKING A MISTAKE in an ESL lesson – how to follow through — AIYSHAH’S ENGLISH PAGE

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Sd1yiA) I think most teachers, no matter how experienced they are, couldn’t say that every lesson they deliver these days is a perfect lesson. It can never be perfect because, well we as human’s aren’t perfect and those who we teach aren’t perfect either. So for any new teacher, the thought of making […]

via MAKING A MISTAKE in an ESL lesson – how to follow through — AIYSHAH’S ENGLISH PAGE


“You could of avoided all those mistakes”: why you should never stop learning English.

EdukationI was recently pondering – is it only foreign-language speakers who are interested in learning English and / or improving their language skills?

I have realised now that my question, really, is: Is it only foreign-language speakers who need to?

It’s becoming drastically obvious to me how many native speakers make errors, and to what degree the nature of these errors affects their ability to communicate meaning coherently.

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5 reasons why private tutoring benefits pupils and students

home-tutoring-scottsdaleHere my top 5 reasons why private tutoring is a valuable addition to the education of school pupils and university students:

1. It puts you in control

At school or University, you have no choice of who teaches you. With private tutoring, you can choose who you want to work with. Working with someone who you get along with means Continue reading